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Lori Sanchez-Hohman, Designing Daisy

Lori Sanchez-Hohman

Favorite Flower

  1. Birds of Paradise – I love this flower because it reminds me of my home in Santa Barbara, California!
  2. Gardenia – It has a beautiful fragrance and it symbolizes purity and sweetness … just like me.

Favorite Artist

In my personal work / paintings, my subject matter includes close-ups of succulents and flowers, much like my favorite artist Georgia O’Keefe.

Keepsake Advice

Artists need to be creative about how to earn money using their art skills.  There are many jobs that have art aspects to them aside from becoming a fine artist.  Whatever you choose to do, you better love doing it because it is a big part of your daily life.

About Lori

Santa Barbara, California was the place Lori called home before taking up her position as Senior Designer and Color Specialist at Keepsake Floral. She earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena.  Since graduating, Lori has made her living as a professional artist.  She started as a scenic artist in the movie industry then switched to running her own mural company for eight years with her best friend.

Lori joined the Keepsake team when she finally made her way to Orlando, Florida.  Her specialty lies in color analysis and detailed airbrushing and she functions as our Keepsake Artistic Director.

“As an artist you always think about composition and design which is exactly what we do when working with all the elements of a keepsake.”

During her free time, Lori enjoys spending time with her friends and family, and paddle boarding with her dog Zeny. Sometimes she finds herself cleaning her house. “Not fun but necessary,” she says.  However, true to her artistic nature, she can often be found working on her own art in her home studio or attending art shows and galleries, looking to be inspired.

Working at Keepsake

I really enjoy what we do at Keepsake, making and creating a beautiful remembrance of a special occasion to be cherished forever.  It gives me joy to be a part of that.  I also love the team of people we have here; we all work so well together.