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Here Comes Abby Redmon, Keepsake’s Designing Dendrobium

About Abby

Abby’s parents and younger brother live in Winter Park, Florida, where she grew up.  With both parents being artists, attending art classes, and doodling through school, Abby eventually found herself taking lessons from her current Keepsake coworker Lori Sanchez.  Following that path, Abby started college focusing on a degree in Fine Arts after she graduated from Winter Park High School in 2014.

Abby finished three years of school, earning her AA at the University of North Florida, before deciding to move back to Winter Park in order to be closer to her family. Currently, Abby is working towards fully supporting herself and saving up money to return to school and complete her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.

Lori offered Abby a job at Keepsake Floral as a designer when she first heard Abby was moving back to Winter Park.

“I did not know how great of an offer I was receiving until I got to experience the Keepsake family for myself,” she says.

At the end of a typical day, Abby can be found catching up on her most recent TV series because she’s a sucker for a well-done story.  However, working two jobs makes free time rare, and Abby likes to hang out with her friends, family, and cats when she gets the chance.  She also loves tattooing herself, her friends, and her peers which earns her a little extra money and makes her happy.

Favorite Flower

I love sunflowers; they are bright and beautiful, and they radiate happiness.

Favorite Movie

Picking a favorite movie is nearly impossible for me, but if I had to choose one that I am always in the mood to watch, it’s School of Rock.

Keepsake Advice

If you can find a job where the people and the job radiate positivity, support, and growth, hold on to it.  Make sure not to neglect how lucky you are to work in a field that you can enjoy your work in, instead of wishing you could be doing something better.

Working at Keepsake

It is the best job I could imagine having: from the joking and laughter we all share, to the knowledge I have gained, to the creations I am able to make, to the cats that run around our feet, to the music we all dance and sing to.  I couldn’t be happier or luckier working anywhere else.