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keepsake lanterns will keep your memory burning bright

Keepsake Lanterns

Beautiful wrought iron lantern keepsakes (with the light removed) are currently available in three sizes, and is a stylish and contemporary way to display your wedding flowers on a table top or shelf.

Lantern Sizes

From left to right: Aberden lantern (measures 7” x 7” wide x 18” high), Beveled Brass lantern (measures 10 ¾” x7” wide and 18 ½” high), and the Shaker lantern (measures 13” x 7” wide and 18” high).

Wrought Iron Lantern Sizes

From upper right, large keepsake lantern measures 12" long x 12" high x 13" high. Small lantern measures 8" long x 8" wide x 12" high. Medium lantern measures 10 1/" long x 10 1/2" wide x 12" high.