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Floral Keepsake Potpourri & Ornament Options

Whether you choose a custom scented potpourri keepsake, made of your special flowers or an table top ornament with the stand of your choice – Keepsake Floral offers a variety of options to make your keepsake truly yours!

Keepsake Potpourri Jars

Large potpourri (at left, with footed base) measures 11" high and 5" wide. Small potpourri (at right) measures 7" high and 5" wide. Either size jar can be engraved with an elegant monogram or inscription.

Floral Keepsake Ornaments & Stand Options

Large ornament stands (with hanging acrylic ornament, of course) measures 11" high and 6" wide. The hanging ornament measures 3" in diameter. Small ornament stands (with hanging ornament) measures the same, but the ornament diameter is 2 1/2 " in diameter.