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Lanterns, lanterns, lanterns!

We love shadowboxes and oval keepsakes, but there’s something unique about a tabletop keepsake. Perhaps it’s the ability to see the preserved arrangement from all sides, or is it the ability for the viewer to enjoy the keepsake in an unexpected display environment?  Those two reasons, combined with the more modern and urban look that the tabletop arrangements provide, make these keepsakes some of our most endearing.

And when we add the fact that we’re introducing new lantern designs this fall, then it’s even more exciting! Four beautiful new lantern designs headline our fall debut…

The Soho, named after one of our favorite Manhattan neighborhoods, is truly an urban design, blending a little powdered coated metal with a softer, yet natural, wooden base. It measures 8 ½” x 8 ½” wide and 18” high and is priced at $590.

This keepsake is a bit of a different shape than we’re used to, making it a great option for smaller flowers or a smaller number of flowers .. perfect for a design that doesn’t need to be a bouquet resemblance design, like several of our taller tabletop designs require. The breadth and height of the lantern add a great opportunity for our clients to display an invitation or photo alongside the flowers. The lantern almost calls for this addition, which our design department will add and display for no additional charge. Either a miniature hand-tied look can be achieved, with more petite flowers, or a floral waterfall effect can also be created with medium sized flowers.  Unfortunately, this piece isn’t the best choice for bouquets with larger flowers like lilies.

And like all of our keepsakes, the Soho Lantern provides clients with the ability to keep the keepsake tidy over time. The lantern top, when resting on its wooden base, provides the airtightness that Keepsake Floral keepsakes require.  But it may be gently lifted up in order to clean off the base of the lantern in the event of rogue flower particles.  As much as we all wish the natural flowers didn’t have that one little “flaking potential” quality, but since we can’t change Mother Nature, we must work with it in order to keep Mother Nature’s beautiful blooms beautiful over time.

The second newest addition to our Keepsake tabletop family is the Newagen lantern, measures 8 ½” x 8 ½” wide and 25” high.  Our owner’s favorite spot in the world is a little island along the coast of Maine, with a weather and wave-battered shore and a beautiful little cape tucked in the island, called Cape Newagen.  We think the name of the lantern whose white “weathered” finish and stainless accents are reminiscent of not only that state’s coast, but beaches everywhere.

The Newagen is priced at $685 comparable to our current large lantern, but with pricing allowance for the product modifications necessary for the top-lighting addition.  We’ve done a little bit of a different design with this piece, providing four “walls” of decoration.  And to combat the shadows created by a solid roof, we’ve added battery-operated lighting to the top of the piece, providing a soft cascading light down onto the florals below.  Super easy for our clients to turn on and off, the lighting effect is one that we have totally fell in love with!

A tall flower fall or small cascading design can also be designed within the Newagen lantern.  Again, larger blooms are a no-go, but the interior design breath within the Newagen lantern provides our designers the ability to do a smaller, modified version of a cascading bouquet. And of course, this keepsake also provides a maintenance feature, crucial to keepsake beauty over time.

Brass meets glass with our Beveled Brass Lantern .. what a looker!  Shaped on a rectangular footprint, measuring 10 ¾”  x7” wide and 18 ½” high this piece works well with an invitation or photo displayed alongside a miniature bouquet resemblance or a falling cluster of flowers.  Or flowers alone can be displayed on the removable wood base (again, keeping the keepsake debris-free over time is one of our goals!)  Price point is comparable to other tabletop items of larger size ..$625.

And a simple solution to a lantern .. the Shaker style.  This basic beauty boasts the height of our tabletop domes and cloches, nearly 12 inches of design room, plus the width to provide clients with a modified resemblance design of a hand-tied bouquet.  Retail price for this piece is $585.   Again, the top of the lantern is illuminated by battery light and the side glass panes are clear and large, allowing for excellent viewing from all sides.  A resemblance design or a flower wall design both work for this piece.  And the main portion of the keepsake can be lifted from the base to provide a tidy keepsake over time.

All of these tabletop products come in one size each, unlike some of the other tabletop domes or cubes that we offer. Keepsake Floral’s lanterns provide clients with a beautifully modern way to display their preserved floral memories, ensuring Keepsake Floral’s place as the industry’s design and quality leader, year after year.

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