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Caring for Your Wedding Bouquet

It’s Sunday morning, yesterday’s wedding was fabulous and you’ll be shipping your flowers to us on Monday!

Until then, you’ll want to care for your flowers as sweetly as possible –  to ensure their beauty prior to and during their overnight trip to our preservation & design studio! On this page, we’ll tell you how to take care of those precious flowers.

Tips for Keeping Your Flowers as Fresh as Possible Prior to Shipping

step 1Hydrate your flowers if possible.

If your bouquet is contained inside a bouquet holder made of plastic, fill the spongy green foam inside the plastic handle with water by simply holding the bouquet under a gently running faucet for a few seconds. Shake off any excess water that may have dripped onto the bouquet holder or the flowers during this step.

If your bouquet is hand-tied, as most are these days, unwrap the ribbon from the bottom a bit and cut the bottom of the stems off by about ½ inch. Place the bouquet in a tall drinking glass and add just about ½ inch or inch of water to the glass.

step 2Put your bouquet into the refrigerator

By refrigerating your flowers before shipping, you are “locking in” the cold and helping hold the flowers’ age and shape where it is before shipping. This allows the coolant block to only have to “keep” the flowers cold rather than “make” them cold once they enter the shipping box.

DO NOT PUT YOUR FLOWERS IN THE FREEZER!! Freezing the flowers will damage the blooms, possibly making them unable to complete the preservation process.

Now, time to collect your supplies for shipping. Don’t worry, you have most of them around your house! Choose the link below to learn more about packaging and shipping your flowers to us!

caring for your flowers

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