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time is of the essence...

Packing & Shipping Your Bouquet

If your event has already occurred, it will be necessary for you to package your bouquet or flowers using items you have available at home. Once your event has already taken place, time is of the essence to get your flowers to us in order to preserve their beauty.

Packing your flowers for shipping is a very easy process – we’ll walk you through it here. Should you have any questions however, please call us at 1.800.616.KEEP!

Here’s What You’ll Need...

You’ll need a single box – just a little larger than your actual grouping of flowers, arrangement or bouquet.

We recommend either crumpled newspaper, crumpled wrapping paper or Styrofoam packing peanuts. Please don’t use bubble wrap, plastic bags or plastic products to package your flowers.

Ordinary packing taped you’d use to seal and ship any other package.

A coolant block like the Blue Ice or gel refrigerant coolants that you’d use in a picnic cooler or lunch box will work great.

If you don’t have one of these coolants readily available, you can “make” one with 2 large ziplock bags, ice and paper towels. Simply fill one ziplock bag with several handfuls of ice as well as handfuls of paper towels. The paper towels will soak up the ice-water when the cubes melt and prevent leaking inside the shipping box. Zip bag 1 shut. Then put the filled zip lock bag inside a second ziplock bag to prevent further leaking and zip that bag shut as well. Voila! Instant coolant block!

Make sure to put your coolant block in the freezer at least 8 hours before you plan to ship.

Either via check made out to Keepsake Floral (or you can call us at 1.800.616.KEEP to place your deposit) OR place your deposit online under the item titled “event already happened.”

Please write your name, address, telephone numbers and email address on a piece of paper so we know who your flowers belong to when they arrive and we can contact you to schedule your design consultation when it is time to do so.

Please include any mementoes, photos, invitation(s), program, favors or other special items you’d like included in your keepsake. These items can also be mailed to us later, however. Make sure you protect these items with cardboard cushioning if necessary and within a plastic bag to keep them dry.

A list all of the items you are enclosing. This way our receiving department and preservationists will know exactly what to look for inside the box, upon its arrival, without missing anything. This is VERY IMPORTANT!!

Packing Your Flowers to Ship to Keepsake Floral

It will be necessary for you to overnight ship your bouquet or special flowers to Keepsake Floral. It is probably best to plan your trip to your shipping carrier toward the end of the day and just right after you’ve placed the bouquet and coolant block into the shipping box in order to ensure the flowers and coolant block don’t have to remain cool any longer than necessary.

step 1First, remove the coolant block from the freezer (or assemble your ziplock bags of ice & paper towels) and tape the coolant securely to the bottom of the empty shipping box with packing tape.

step 2Next, make a nest for your flowers in the bottom of the box (right on top of and around the coolant) with your crumpled newspaper or packing peanuts.

step 3Now, remove the flowers from the fridge and place them in that nest. Fill the box to the top with the remainder of packing peanuts or crumpled newspaper, making sure you fill the sides of the box with packing material as well. Just as you would package a gift to send to your friend across the country, the goal is to make sure the bouquet inside the box doesn’t bump around in the box, causing damage. The key is to stabilize the bouquet as much as possible so it will not shift during shipment.

step 4Then, tape your identification information (name, address, telephone numbers, email address, your DIY packing slip and your deposit check or online receipt INSIDE THE SIDE OF THE BOX.

step 5Finally, close the box and seal it with your packing tape.

OVERNIGHT SHIP Your Bouquet to Our Facility

We recommend that clients take their Keepsake Floral-bound packages to the US Post Office, as the post office has branches convenient to most everyone and their prices are the most reasonable. The post office usually charges around $60-80 to have a standard-sized arrangement or bouquet overnighted to our facility.

Our most valuable shipping advice is this: DO NOT take your bouquet to a “You Pack and Ship” store, as these businesses, although providing a valuable and convenient service, will most likely charge you many times what it would cost to ship the package through the post office once packaged yourself.

Our overnight shipping address (Monday – Friday delivery only) is:

Keepsake Floral, Inc.
311 Circle Drive
Maitland, FL   32751

Phone number:  1.800.616.KEEP

A couple of important notes regarding shipping: 

  • When selecting priority, overnight shipping – be sure your carrier guarantees delivery by 2:00 pm the next day.
  • If you will be overnighting your flowers for a Saturday or Sunday delivery, please call Keepsake Floral first –  so we can provide an alternate delivery address.
  • We frequently receive bouquets from Canada and island destinations. We will provide you with your Floral Express Kit, but you will need to find a shipping service that can deliver your flowers either overnight or at minimum, within two days of packaging your flowers.

Please call us at 1.800.616.KEEP if you have ANY questions about the bouquet packing and shipping instructions!

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