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qualities that make us a cut above the bunch

Why use Keepsake Floral?

why choose keepsake floral

Serving clients nationwide, Keepsake Floral provides you with the most complete line of floral preservation products and services available. Our products showcase our three dimensional flower preservation, featuring one of the largest selections of keepsake products in our industry.  Each keepsake becomes a beautiful piece of artwork made with your very own flowers that you will treasure for decades.

Our customer service team works with each client individually, to ensure that the entire Keepsake experience is as perfect as your wedding or special day.

Here are some of the qualities that make Keepsake Floral a cut above the bunch!

Order Flexibility

At Keepsake Floral, you can start the flower preservation process with just a deposit! NO design decisions are required before your wedding or event. Design decisions can be made 2-3 weeks after we receive your flowers with one of our skilled Design Consultants. A keepsake balance is not due until all of your design details are confirmed.

And it’s NOT too late to preserve your wedding bouquet, even after the wedding has already happened! Keepsake Floral welcomes pre-planned, last minute and after-the-event orders!

Now that’s “No-Stress Floral Preservation!

Customization and Design Choices

No other floral preservation company allows you so many ways to customize your keepsake. From our custom-made shadowboxes (made right here in our Design Studio) to customized nameplates and other accents, we offer the best design choices to make your keepsake unique to you. We welcome and encourage the addition of special items from your wedding to include in the design of your keepsake!

professional floral preservationists

Professionals vs. Hobbyists

Floral preservation is a labor intensive and delicate process. For the greatest selection of products, services and arrangements that will stand the test of time, your best bet is to find a preservation company that can professionally preserve your flowers and assist you with design and display selections. Companies that have been specializing in floral preservation for a number of years are best equipped with the newest technologies and options for you to choose from, allowing you to receive a truly custom preserved display of your flowers that you will treasure for years to come. Keepsake Floral is celebrating nearly 20 years of serving the entire country doing just this!

Keepsake Floral’s business is exclusively the preservation of special occasion flowers and has been for more than a decade! This allows us to focus and perfect our art, spend time with our clients and offer the best products available. When you work with Keepsake Floral, you are working with focused floral preservation experts.

Quality Products

Keepsake Floral offers keepsakes for all styles and budgets. All of our keepsakes are also encased with your choice of display to protect your flowers. It is important that preserved flowers are displayed in a virtually airtight container after design. Humidity and dust offer the most danger to preserved flowers. Some floral preservation companies deliver the preserved flowers without being in an enclosed environment, but these arrangements will not last very long. Our container will keep dust and moisture out for decades.