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Keepsake Floral Pricing & Options

Preserving your Flowers is an Investment in Commissioned Artwork.

The cost of preserving your flowers covers many steps and anywhere from 10 to 20 man hours of labor by highly skilled artisans, designers and craftsmen.  The deposit that you placed at the beginning of your order is applied to the total price of your keepsake.  The price of your keepsake includes the preservation of the flowers (photography of your bouquet, complete flower inventory, bouquet dissassembly and preservation of your flowers one at a time), your one-on-one design consultation via phone, individualized color-enhancing and hand-painting of your flowers prior to design, custom design preparation, artistic design and interior keepsake creation according to the selections made during your design consultation.   Please use the pricing and options below as a guide for understanding how much your keepsake will cost.  Keepsake prices are based primarily on the type and size of the keepsake you choose.

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Shadowbox Sizes and Prices

5×7 $245
5×12 $332
8×10 $385
9×12 $478
10×10 $498
12×12 $587
11×14 $608
12×16 $657
14×14 $668
15×18 $712
16×20 $765
20×24 $830

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Oval & Round Frame Sizes and Prices

5×7 $272
8×10 $425
9×12 $532
10×10 $532
12×12 $538
11×14 $648
12×16 $698
14×14 $698
16×20 $815

Tabletop Display Sizes and Prices

Our smaller keepsakes (marked with an asterisk *) are available at the price listed as a single keepsake or at a reduced price as a part of a two or three-keepsake collection.  Pick any two asterisked keepsakes for $375.  Pick any three asterisked keepsakes for $ 560.

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Cloche Keepsakes

Small filagree-edged nickel cloche* $265
Large cloche $652

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Cube Keepsakes

Petite Keepsake Cube* $235
Petite Hinged Keepsake Cube* $270
Small Keepsake Cube $344
Medium Keepsake Cube $583
Large Keepsake Cube $685
Medium Framed Cube $660
Large Framed Cube $720

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Dome Keepsakes

Small Table Top Dome $364
Large Table Top Dome $682

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Jewelry Box Keepsakes

Small Jewelry Box $372
Large Jewelry Box $542

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Lantern Keepsakes

Small Wrought Iron Lantern $369
Medium Wrought Iron Lantern $580
Large Wrought Iron Lantern $675
Newagen Lantern $685
Beveled Brass Lantern $625
Soho Lantern $590
Shaker Lantern $585

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Ornament Keepsakes w/ Stands

Small Ornament w/Stand* $145
Large Ornament w/Stand* $187

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Pedestal Keepsakes

Small filigree-rimmed polished nickel pedestal* $320
Medium polished nickel pedestal $365

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Potpourri Keepsakes

Large Potpourri* $185

Glass Memory Boxes

Large Desk Box $460
Small Desk Box $365
Octagon Faceted Box $395
Rectangular Faceted Box $460
Square Faceted Box $365

Upgrades and Special Charges

The keepsake designs listed below require additional time and resources during our design and / or framing processes.  Therefore, only the clients ordering these particular designs are charged these additional fees.  The same applies to the upgraded framing or interior linings listed below… the framing and / or interior linings and special framing touches listed below cost a significant amount more than what is allowed within our stated keepsake prices.  Again, only the clients who make these particular selections will be charged for them.

Bouquet Resemblance $38
Floral Blanket $38
Topiary  or Tussie Mussie Design $38
Floral Tiers $50
Mondrian $38
Inclusion of more than 2 accessories starting at $15 per item
All Wired Up! $38
Personalized Nameplates starting at $45
Local Express Pick-up Service $85
Floral Express Kit Rush $15 to $125
Excess and Missed Design Consultation Fee $40
Stacked shadowbox frame $85
Verona and Seville Frames $65
Imperial Frames $75
Beaded, Cafe or Weathered Frames $225 to $300
Designer Gold & Silver Ovals $95
Cherry Brocade & Portland Frames $18
Specialty Silk Dupioni & Silk Shantung $27
Suede Backgrounds $85
Specialty Paper Backgrounds $28
Mat Inlay $38 per mat
Fillet and Mat Inlay Set $98
Floral Monogram $38
Embroidered Monogram from $72
Engraved Glass Design from $72

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Custom-sized Keepsakes are also available.

Keepsake Prices Include

  • The preservation of your flowers
  • Your flowers custom-designed and expertly framed
  • Your selection of keepsake style, size, frame, fabric, ribbon and other special accents
  • Complete care instructions for the life of your keepsake
  • One-on-one consultation with one of our Design Professionals
  • Floral Express Kit** (Everything needed to safely ship your flowers to us after the event)

Upgraded frames, fabric and designs are available. Please visit our products section for more details.

* Keepsake Floral does not just preserve the flowers and hand them back as they were in the original bouquet form. All flowers are displayed in a picture frame suitable for display on a wall or within a tabletop display.

**An additional Rush Fee will be charged for an Express Kit to be sent less than 3 weeks prior to the wedding.

***Keepsake clients are responsible for any charges incurred when shipping their flowers to Keepsake Floral, as well as any applicable shipping charges back to the client and/or sales tax for completed keepsakes***

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