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How floral preservation works!

We make the process of creating a custom-designed keepsake from your actual wedding flowers as simple. From placing your order to receiving your completed work of art, we’ll be with you every step of the way!

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To begin, simply place your deposit before or after your wedding or special event has occurred.

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We'll provide you with step-by-step instructions to aid in the care, packing and shipping of your flowers.

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Our Team will preserve your wedding flowers and schedule a one-on-one design consultation with you!

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preserved wedding flowers
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How Keepsake Floral's Process Works

Floral preservation is a process that extracts moisture from the flowers (creating dehydrated or dried flowers), maintains the dehydrated state and seals the flowers to protect their natural shape. Floral preservation is an art form that requires precision and a professional’s touch and experience.

Keepsake Floral’s carefully monitored preservation process keeps your flowers looking much like they did in your original arrangement, but our process produces flowers that are not as brittle as other traditional preservation processes. All flowers are displayed inside a virtually airtight keepsake environment when finished, an important feature which keeps the flowers within the display safe from everyday environmental conditions that may harm flowers over time.

Keepsake Floral’s process is also unique due to our color-enhancing step conducted with every single flower before it is placed into a keepsake…the key to color-longevity over time!

Getting Started

To begin, simply place your deposit before or even after your wedding or special event has occurred. We only require a deposit and your flowers to start the preservation process.

NO design decisions will be made until the flowers have been received and preserved. You will work with a design consultant 3 to 4 weeks after the event to make your final design decisions.

The Keepsake Floral Experience

step 1Each bouquet is photographed from multiple angles immediately upon arrival to our Design Studio.  Your arrangement is then disassembled before the flower preservation process can begin.  Blooms are separated from their stems so that each flower can be preserved individually.  This separation is imperative to our ability to maintain the shape of each flower.

step 2All flowers and inclusions (invitation, ribbon, pearl pins, bouquet jewels, etc.) are inventoried and stored. Our preservationist make notes about the status of each bloom.

step 3Our preservationists then rehydrate your flowers and carefully pre-treat and prepare the flowers for dehydration and preservation, determining the best method and timeline for the types of flowers received.

step 4Your flowers then enter the dehydration phase of our preservation process, which usually takes between two and three weeks, depending on the type of flower.  Once dehydrated, your flowers are removed from the dehydration process and stored in a carefully climate-controlled storage area, awaiting their turn in our Design Studio.

Our Design Process Begins with You

step 5A few weeks after your wedding or event, you’ll work by appointment with one of our Design Consultants over the phone and with the help of our website.We personally consult with each client to help you make the best selections for your keepsake as your final design choices will dictate the size, style and price of your keepsake.

step 6Once your final balance has been paid and your file is considered complete, your flowers advance to our pre-design phase.  Shortly thereafter, our production manager and operations team order the custom materials and supplies necessary to create the design and housing of your custom keepsake.

In the Design Studio

step 7Once framing and interior linings are received and prepped, it’s time for the artwork to take place. Your file and order are reviewed by our production manager and assigned to a specific member of our design team for final design. Any invitations or other elements are prepped, ribbon re-pressed and other accessories cleaned. Your designer then replaces and repairs any parts of your flowers that need such treatment. Loose petals are re-adhered and leaves and buds are cleaned up.

step 8As she follows the notes and design sketches taken during the design consultation, your designer first color-enhances your flowers, matching them as closely as possible to their original coloring and camoflauging any blemishes or imperfections in the flowers. This color-enhancing seals and locks in the natural beauty of the bloom to last for years. The colors of the flowers usually deepen during preservation – white flowers become creamy or more ivory during the process and colored flowers intensify in color.

step 9Then, finally, the flowers are arranged within the flower housing portion of your keepsake, each flower being individually adhered for security.  During this step, our master designers painstakingly place each flower and element where it belongs according to the design specified during your consultation.  This part of our process is the most time-intensive individual step and takes several dedicated hours.

step 10Once completed, each design is sealed in a climate-controlled environment where they receive the first of several quality-control checks.

Into the Keepsake Framing Workshop

Coming down the home stretch!

step 11Keepsakes then enter our framing workshop, where the required frame has been custom-cut and assembled to perfectly fit and highlight your floral keepsake.  However, frame prep work begins long before the actual floral design does, ensuring that once the keepsake is completed in the Design Studio and has passed quality inspection, it is able to be framed promptly… cube and dome bases are hand-painted and finished, acrylic housings are cut down to fit each individual bouquet; jewelry boxes and lanterns are modified to receive their keepsake designs and are glazed and cleaned; glass and framing backings are cut and fit to receive their respective keepsake designs.

step 12Your interior keepsake design is married with its prepared keepsake housing and fastened in securely.

step 13Before the keepsake leaves the framing workshop, it is inspected and each detail is touched up and finished by hand, another time-consuming and deliberate part of the keepsake creation process.

step 14Then one more quality check before your keepsake is allowed out of our sight!

Your Keepsake's Proper Sendoff

Always handled with care!

step 15Framed, completed keepsakes enter our shipping department where a photo of the completed keepsake is taken and our lead design consultant and quality a control team member give the piece a final check before packaging and shipping your keepsake to you.

step 16Keepsakes are packaged carefully with the utmost care and concern for the safe travel of your commissioned piece of artwork.

step 17Your keepsake is shipped via signature-required service, approximately 20 – 24 weeks after final design decisions are made and the balance and all  non-floral design elements have been received.  Some keepsakes may be shipped before or after these estimates.  Once it arrives to you, your keepsake is ready to be unpackaged and displayed as designed, providing you with decades of enjoyment and a cherished memento of your special day.