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No more Oldie Mouldings…Keepsake’s NEW shadowbox frames!

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Wow!  Feels like this season is the season for new swag at Keepsake Floral!  Not only are we adding new lantern keepsake designs this fall, but we’re also making some beautiful updates in our oldest keepsake category .. the shadowbox.

Our research and design team really believes we have one of the most extensive collections of shadowbox framestyles in the industry.  Although there are more true “shadowbox” framestyles out there, not all work well with preserved flowers.  When we are displaying preserved flowers and other mementos, we have to ensure that we have depth enough to allow for the size of flowers.  So that’s always consideration number one for us.

We also have to consider the construction of our shadowboxes and the needs we have for each shadowbox and keepsake to be airtight.  So mouldings need to meet certain parameters in that regard, as well as meeting other issues with regard to Keepsake quality standards.

As in every industry, we’ve lost a few trusty and popular shadowbox mouldings over the past year, due to manufacturers discontinuing lines or, worse yet, going out of business.  So those styles are no longer on the website.  But our additions make up for the losses of some of our oldies but goodies..

We’ve located a great line of mouldings with a front bevel shape, aptly named for that feature.  Our beveled collection provides a wide range of colors or finishes with a mid-range moulding depth, and adds to our collection of more modern framing options, and actually replacing a couple of discontinued contemporary styled frames.

Among these beveled mouldings, we’ve added a white shadowbox  framestyle, which have been hard to come by in recent years .. parts of our moulding selections that were in need of style variety.

We’ve also discovered and welcome Sweetheart Silver to the silver collection .. a fluted face in a nice depth, for an additional more traditional silver framestyle.

Our weathered molding collection has gone through a facelift, and now on the website we show the current hand-rubbed finishes of our three weathered framestyles .. each of these made to order frames come into Keepsake not fully finished.  Once here, our color expert hand-sands them and applies the final weathering finish on each frame one by one.  Time-consuming, to be sure, but a beautiful finished look full of rich character.

Lastly, we’ve added a Mediterranean styled moulding family (named Verona)  in two finish colors .. white and gold.  And have also added a rich, yet contemporary walnut moulding, called Seville.  These add a contemporary style with a sculpted front face design for our clients looking for a little variated contemporary look.

Of course, all of Keepsake’s shadowbox mouldings are custom-cut depending on the size of the required framestyle for each keepsake order.  And all lovingly cut by our infamous, Charlie, the framer with a sense of humor and a positive attitude enviable of all.

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