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New Glass Design Elements … Elegance Defined

At Keepsake, we understand that no two customers are the same; everyone is as different as the flowers they wish to preserve.  We are always improving and updating our options, so that everyone can find the keepsake they’re looking for.  Our latest designs introduce new glass related items, including an optional upgrade for shadowboxes and two totally new keepsake designs.

The first upgrade we are offering is in the family of shadowboxes, a crowd favorite.  These keepsakes frame your flowers and can be hung up on a wall, similar to a picture frame.  We are adding elegance and weight to these designs with the option of a beveled glass upgrade.   Just like beveled mirrors, you can choose to add a half inch reveal to any shadowbox design for just $100.

Unlike the shadowbox, glass memory boxes allow you to see the flowers from the top and sides; however, these are only designed for table-top display and cannot be hung.  Pricing ranges from $365 for small boxes which fit a collection of three or four blooms, to large boxes that can fit up to twelve to fifteen blooms, priced between $395 to $460.  You can squeeze in even more memories by including an invitation or photo among the flowers, or you have the option of ordering a matching empty box to display other memorabilia next to your flowers.  These additional options make this design wonderful gifts for mothers of the bride or bridesmaids.

Last, but not least, is our new all-glass dome design.  This design differs from our standard wooden-based dome by offering a glass base, which can be used to display falling tendrils of greenery or ribbon.   Currently this design is available for Orlando area customers (with an in-house pick up requirement).  The simplicity and clean lines of the all-glass dome are perfect for smaller bouquets with six inches in diameter and eleven inches in height for $682.  While the flowers inside may not be magical like the enchanted rose from Beauty and the Beast, this display will bring your keepsake pretty close to fairytale perfect.

Naturally, each of these designs can be further customized with etched inscriptions like names, dates, and monograms.  Your design consultant will work with you to create the keepsake you desire!