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You Provide the Client, We Provide the Preservation

Keepsake Floral provides a unique service in preserving special occasion flowers.  Over our twenty-five years in business, we have created tens of thousands of keepsakes.  2019 also marks our 19th year as the exclusive preservation partner for Walt Disney World’s Fairy Tale Weddings.  However, we know that what might work for Disney may not fit for a more personal business front, which is why we have a referral program just for you.

“LOVE this! Such a neat idea to save something that is too often trashed post wedding!”
– Beautiful Brides of Wilmington (Wilmington, NC)

When Keepsake Floral takes on one of your clients, we preserve the actual flowers used during the wedding.  That means we preserve these precious flowers in a keepsake that will be displayed in the client’s home for decades; a reminder of the beautiful wedding that you helped create.  Not only is the bride reminded of your work after the event, but they might be willing to invest more if they know that they’ll be able to keep their flowers longer than their one special day.

And, man-oh-man, is it ever simple to refer!

All you have to do is pass along our name and we send you a $30 referral check once your client books with us.  That’s it! There is no extra work required on your part as a Referral Partner: you provide the client and we provide the preservation.  If you want a little more control and involvement in the process, you can become a Preservation Partner with Keepsake Floral.  As a Preservation Partner, you personally book your client’s floral preservation order using forms we provide, then you retain $50 up front.

“Awesome! … I send all of my clients to Keepsake Floral for their boquet preservation needs!”
– Divine Designs by Mandy (Broken Arrow, OK)

Working with Disney World for as long as we have is a great indicator of our product quality, but the true mark of Keepsake’s customer service is how we satisfy clients once we have their business.  To ensure that everyone gets the keepsake of their dreams,, we work very closely with each client through a detailed, one-on-one design consultation.  However, we’d be lying if we said that we have a 100% rating in initial satisfaction.  This is where our customer service comes into play.  We respond immediately to any post-delivery concerns, listen to the client, and provide solutions.  In some cases (though there aren’t many) we redesign part of or the entire keepsake … on our dime.

“It’s a pleasure partnering with you and creating memories for our clients.”
– P3 Weddings and Events (Richmond, VA)

At Keepsake Floral, we know our reputation is important to you if you’re going to trust us with your clients.  We do our best to ensure that your work lives on through our keepsake and that every bride is as happy looking at our keepsake as they were on their wedding day.