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A Keepsake Silver Moment… Floral Arrangement Inspires a Beautiful Painting


This silver moment brings together two artists from Keepsake Floral’s not so recent memory, still organically working together over the miles and the years. Robin Henehan, one of Keepsake Floral’s designers in the early 2000’s and currently the owner of “The Flower Girl of Quincy” in Quincy, IL, states, “I could not be more thrilled that my dear friend Vonnie Wills used one of my arrangements as her inspiration for this amazing painting!! I worked with Vonnie at Keepsake Floral in Orlando. I have so enjoyed following her work on Facebook over the years!” Vonnie worked as a Senior Designer at Keepsake Floral until her retirement, and she’s been painting beautiful works of art and teaching painting ever since.

“Thank you Robin for giving me great ideas to paint,” responds Vonnie. And an added comment from Joni Giconi Mullens, Keepsake’s Business Development Director at the time, “Two beautiful and creative ladies that I worked with at Keepsake Floral. Sweet Memories. Thank you Dana Hollifield Adkinson for your vision and bringing talent together.” Thank YOU, Robin, Vonnie and Joni, for your contributions to the Keepsake Floral of yesterday, and thank you for blending your art and sweet memories. Now THAT”s a Keepsake Silver Moment!