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Silver Celebrations

Before Keepsake Floral became the company that we know and love today, it started as a one-woman operation in the back of the Hollifield family home. Keepsake Floral has grown over the following years, gaining coworkers and clients, including our exclusive partnership with Walt Disney World Fairy Tale Weddings. Now we help hundreds of clients a year celebrate memories from major life events and milestones.

This year, the Keepsake family is celebrating a major milestone of our own. 2019 is Keepsake Floral’s 25th anniversary .. our Silver Year! We are very proud of this accomplishment and, in order to celebrate, we would like to pass it forward by acknowledging what we call “Silver Moment.”
A Silver Moment is the moment when art and memory meet. When memory becomes art. We know that art usually only captures a second of beauty, but we find that one second is really all you need. It is just this moment upon which keepsake Floral’s Founding Principal and Leading Lily, Dana Adkinson, created this unique company, specializing in the creation of lasting floral memories through exceptionally-crafted art. That second is the key to the whole story, and 25 years of individual, simple moments paint the silver lining that we want to share with you curing our quarter-century celebrations.

So keep watching this space as we highlight some of these unique moments when art becomes memory and memory becomes art. These moments are everywhere .. and these moments happen frequently. We just have to watch for them and enjoy them each time we discover one! Come, enjoy them with us!