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The Importance of Keepsake Floral’s Culture

Workplace culture hasn’t always been touted as a significant indicator of business health.  And as much as the personality of a company doesn’t always nod toward the company’s success, in a small manufacturing company like Keepsake Floral, it does contribute greatly to the service and quality of the product being produced.  We believe that a healthy workplace for our team members also has a significant impact on the relationships that we hold with industry members and referral sources, valuable components in the Keepsake Floral recipe.

Much is discussed in recent memory of creating workplaces that practice inclusivity and a welcoming for employees and clients alike.  In most cases, this quality is constrained to political and social issues.  At Keepsake floral, we believe this is of course, of significant importance, but so is the inclusivity of different personalities and workstyles, enabling individuals with different personalities to feel comfortable in their position because that position is a comfortable place for them to be, a secure space for him or her to be able to meet their own basic human psychological needs so they can create and produce the best product possible, whether it’s designing the flowers within a keepsake or loading the emails into the email newsletter queue.

Creating an environment that works this way begins with kindness and respect and trust, hallmarks of our Keepsake Floral culture.  Somehow, each member of the team that keepsake Floral has assembled have walked over our threshold with these qualities already in tow.  Much like a family with members possessing different quirks and features, keepsake is the same.  Some of the features can annoy, but all of the “family” members know that tolerance and understanding are the key to co-existence … always.    We all have responsibilities and we continue to ensure that we live up to these responsibilities daily.

Autonomy is important, in combination with clear goals and expectations.  But human understanding and appreciation of the stuff that life inevitably throws at all of us does to a long way to the success of working one’s work life into his or her real life.  We believe that it’s important to provide team members flexibility in scheduling and creativity in ways to accomplish work tasks so that the work-life balance ratio is well in check.

Keepsake team members become like family (dysfunction and all!) in short order, probably one of the reasons the turnover at Keepsake is low.  Folks tend to land at Keepsake and hang around for years and years.  It’s probably this family atmosphere that keeps team members here forever.  Gratefully, the Keepsake ownership appreciates its team members and does its best to plant individuals where they will best bloom.

We’re fortunate at Keepsake, that our team members have all brought their own healthy workplace attitudes with them from the get go.  That’s a little serendipity at work, which we welcome with open arms.  Keepsake tends to find just the right people when we need them.  We believe that it is Keepsake’s responsibility to ensure that the talents that our individual team members bring across the threshold are

It certainly helps that people don’t dread coming to work each day … that they really enjoy what they do most of the time and really enjoy the people that they work with.  Because if you enjoy what you do and who you work with, then, studies show, the work product created in this environment is superior to that created in an environment that is less so.  And it should also be comforting for our clients and industry referral sources that our keepsakes are made with amicability and love from start to finish.  And that’s a big deal.

But does this environment work when put to the profitability test? Yes, but only as long as all this love is realistic and underlined with honest feedback and honest expectations.

I know, it sounds like a utopian society that we run at Keepsake.  It kind of is.  Yes, it’s work.  But more than that, our keepsakes are an expression of love … as they should be … as the vast majority of our keepsakes are created to memorialize love for our clients.  So should they be created with the same.