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The Art of Cherishing Memories


We all love a glimpse of nostalgia, don’t we? Flashing back to a special moment in our lives, reliving the memories that we share with the people we love. Some moments we swear we’ll never forget, but life continues to move forward, causing those special moments to pass further and further away from our everyday consciousness. It’s easy to get caught up in life’s hectic tendencies, but reflecting back on the best times of our lives can simply remind us of how special life is, and how those beautiful memories are truly worth cherishing.  One of the most beautiful ways to remember special occasions is to turn parts of them into personalized artwork that can be enjoyed for decades.

Taking tangible elements from these moments and turning them into memorable artwork helps to make those memories last .. from photographs of a special day, to displaying items used within the wedding ceremony, these items become part of the art we surround ourselves with in our homes.  We probably all do this to some extent in our day to day existence.

Collages are made from photos or an artist can paint a scene from a special occasion or location.  We collect souvenirs from our travels and display them in our bookcases and tabletops in our homes .. and yes, these become our personalized artwork that re-invigorates the memory of a special trip or occasion.

Now, imagine your wedding day. The day that everyone knows passes by in the blink of an eye. Although the day itself may seem to go quickly, it will always be an unforgettable checkpoint in your life story. The time and effort that one puts into making their wedding as close to perfect as possible, is no small task. From picking out the perfect dress, organizing invitations, planning photos, to customizing the perfect flower arrangements for your centerpieces and bouquet; so much thought goes into a one-day event that will change your life forever.

Enter Keepsake Floral, where we’ve built an entire business around holding onto the memories connected with such truly memorable occasions.  We recognize the hard work that our clients put into their special wedding days, and other occasions, through the preservation and display of one of the things that the bride touches and holds on the wedding day … her actual bouquet.

In fact, life is full of memories worth holding onto … specially when they can act as a simple reminder for not just a single event, but represent someONE worth never forgetting. While the loss of a loved one can feel more than devastating, it’s the memories you have with them that keep them alive. Preserving the flowers used in sympathy tributes and displaying them within a keepsake creates very personal artwork for the home that many of our clients love.

We know how important it is to cherish the memories we have with the people we love. Although the depth of a loved one cannot always be fully represented in art, a keepsake can at least act as a beautiful and timeless reminder to all of the amazing memories you share with a lost one.

Life is truly full of things worth celebrating. Whether it’s a wedding day, a birthday, or the memory of a loved one, reminiscing on the happiest times of our lives is always a refreshing reminder for how important our loved ones are to us, and we are to them.  Using parts of these moments in personal artwork enables us to view and enjoy these moments forever.