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Bouquet Trends Through the Decades


As the end of another decade is upon us we can’t help but feel nostalgic about some of our favorite bouquet trends in the previous decades. Bouquets for weddings were originally used in the renaissance to mask the smell and add color to the celebration. During the Victorian age, select flowers had meanings that were used to send messages between courting couples.  Walk with us down Memory Lane as we take a look at the last seven decades and showcase some of the most popular bouquet styles of the time.

The 1950s

1950s Style bouquet
This 1950s inspired vintage beauty showcases floral elements from the garden. The garden roses and Vandellas are nestled between pockets of blue delphinium, lilac, waxflower, and greenery. This bouquet is the perfect something blue.


The 1960s

This flower child’s cascading bouquet of stephanotis and gardenia is the perfect example of the 60s style. Stephanotis actually represents happiness in marriage.  Wouldn’t this bouquet smell heavenly?


The 1970s

When we think of the 70’s lots of color and bohemian style come to mind. This bride is giving us all of that with her fall colors and freeform style. From the gorgeous anthurium to the various dahlia and accents of longleaf eucalyptus makes this bouquet boho chic.


The 1980s

What 1980s wedding is more iconic than Diana and Prince Charles? Those puffy white sleeves and giant cascading bouquet shaped the decade’s wedding scene. This layered bouquet shows off gardenias, freesias, stephanotis, delicate lily of the valley, and strings of ivy.


The 1990s

The 1990s ushered in a more modern approach to floral design. This minimalist bouquet showcases the delicate and exotic cymbidium orchid. (This may be our favorite decade because Keepsake Floral was started in 1994)


The 2000s

Ah yes, the ever-iconic Monica and Chandler wedding. What could be more 2000’s than this minimalistic and sophisticated bunch of blush calla lilies?


The 2010s

In the most recent decade, we have seen a variety of new styles blossom. The garden-style has become very popular with large blooms like peonies, roses, and dahlias that are accented by scabiosa pods, ranunculus, white anemones, and a variety of greens.