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The Significance of 20


twentyThere is endless excitement as we ease out of the holidays and into the beginning of a decade. The New Year marks great opportunity to work towards goals that may have been pushed aside, to set new ones that parallel your future intentions, and to dedicate this year to the things that fill your heart.

We know… we know… everyone says similar things every year, but 2020 has something extra special about it. Each month also has a 20th day! So, that means a total of 12 days of the year will have triple 20’s in their date! This type of number repeating rarity won’t occur again until the year 3030, which (if you ask us) sounds like the perfect opportunity for a cool and unique wedding date!

Surprisingly enough, the number 20 has some pretty interesting traits associated with it, at least according to numerology. If you aren’t familiar with it, numerology is the study of numbers and recognition of deeper connections and meanings behind them. For centuries, people have used numerology in trying to further understand the universe.

You may wonder, what’s so great about the number 20? Well, according to affinitynumerology.com, the number 20 is primarily focused on relationships. It’s the number that represents uniting in teamwork, companionship, coexistence, and diplomacy. All conveniently romantic qualities, right?

Even aside from numerology, there are many subtle occasions that celebrate the number 20 in our every day lives. Just to name a few … hitting a “triple 20” in darts happens to be the best shot you can make, along with how many sections there are on a dartboard surrounding the bulls-eye, and (the most obvious one) being that 20/20 vision represents balance in eyesight.

All of the things associated with this seemingly overly relevant number make getting married in 2020 not just appealing, but beautifully fit. After all, it’s the only year you could have a shot at your own “triple 20.”