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The Secret Language of Flowers


Language is constantly evolving. This means that the way we communicate with those we love is constantly changing too. Our grandparents had love letters to keep in touch with their significant others .. Carefully penned in cursive and stamped with a lipstick kiss.

Today our vernacular with messaging is so fast-paced because of texting that abbreviations are everything. We shorten even the simplest words like “love you” to “luv u” just to save time. This can be incredibly convenient for staying in touch, but it does take some of the mystery out of love notes.

One of our favorite forms of love expression dates to Victorian times. When a couple was courting, they could send secret messages to one another through flowers. Every girl had a small dictionary that gave meaning to every flower imaginable. The use of flowers as a language is called Floriography. Some flowers like the Camellia even have different meanings based on their color. We have compiled a list of some of our favorite and most popular flowers for bridal bouquets and their secret meanings.  Let’s keep the language of flowers alive!

  • Alstroemeria: Devotion, Wealth, Prosperity, Fortune
  • Baby’s Breath: Innocence, Pure of heart
  • Calla Lily: Magnificent beauty
  • Camellia (General): Gratitude, Perfection
  • Camellia (Red): Unpretending excellence, You’re a flame in my heart
  • Camellia (White): You’re adorable, Perfected loveliness
  • Camellia (Pink): Longing for you
  • Dahlia: Dignity and Elegance
  • Daisy: Loyal Love, Gentleness, Innocence
  • Delphinium: Flight of fancy
  • Fern (Maidenhair): Secret bond of love, Discretion
  • Freesia: Innocence, Trust, Friendship
  • Gardenia: Purity, Sweet love, You’re lovely
  • Gladioli: I’m really sincere, Flower of the Gladiators
  • Heather: Good luck
  • Heather (White): Protection, Wishes will come true
  • Heather (Lavender): Admiration, Solitude
  • Ivy: Fidelity, Wedded Love, Affection, Friendship
  • Larkspur: An open heart
  • Lavender: Loyalty, Love, Devotion
  • Lily of the Valley: Return of happiness, Humility
  • Magnolia: Love of nature, Nobility
  • Orange Blossom: Innocence, Purity, Eternal love, Marriage
  • Orchid: Love, Beauty
  • Parsley: Useful knowledge
  • Peony: Happy marriage, Prosperity, Bashfulness
  • Poinsettia: Be of good cheer
  • Queen Anne’s Lace: Haven
  • Ranunculus: Radiant, Charming
  • Rose (Red): Love, I love you, Desire
  • Rose (Single red): I Love You
  • Rose (White): Charm, Innocence
  • Rose (White and Red): Unity
  • Rose (Pink): erfect happiness
  • Rose (Pale Pink): Grace
  • Rose (Dark Pink): Thankfulness
  • Rose (Burgundy): Unconscious beauty
  • Rose (Coral): Desire
  • Rose (Dark Crimson): Mourning
  • Rose (Orange): Fascination
  • Rose (Peach): Immortality, Modesty
  • Rose (Yellow): Friendship, Joy, Gladness
  • Sunflower (Dwarf): Adoration, Pride
  • Sweet William: Grant me one smile
  • Tulip: Love and Passion
  • Veronica: Fidelity
  • Wax Flower: Riches