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KEEPSAKE QUIZ: Which Wedding Bouquet Are You?


Are you a Classic Rose Bouquet with a hint of Wildflower Garden? Or maybe you’re a full-blown Tropical Paradise Bouquet? To find out, you’re going to need a pen and paper (or the notes app on your phone) to write out numbers 1 through 9. For each of the nine quiz questions, put the corresponding letter of your answer choice next to its matching number on your paper (or phone).

1. What’s your ideal vacation?

  1. A romantic getaway to Europe
  2. Hiking and camping in the mountains… those views are worth it!
  3. A cruise to a tropical island
  4. Road tripping through the country
  5. Something close and simple, just for the weekend

2. How tidy would you describe yourself?

  1. Everything must be spotless
  2. All over the place
  3. Don’t mind some clutter
  4. Can be temporarily messy, but don’t like dirty
  5. Mostly clean

3. What types of movies do you like?

  1. Mystery or thriller
  2. Animated
  3. Rom-com or romance
  4. Witty comedies
  5. Non-fiction or based on a true story

4. How are you with time management?

  1. Always extra early
  2. Come on… time can’t always be managed!
  3. Always a little late
  4. A little early, AKA on time
  5. Running in the door to be right on time

5. What do you like to do most in your spare time?

  1. Socialize with friends
  2. Some sort of outdoor activity
  3. Cozy up with a good book or movie
  4. Work on a personal project
  5. Spare time? Ha!

6. Which is your favorite of these color pairings?

  1. Maroon and gray
  2. Orange and green
  3. Magenta and purple
  4. Green and blue
  5. Black and white

7. How would you describe your schedule?

  1. I need a hobby
  2. Always changing
  3. Pretty relaxed
  4. Routine but with enough free time
  5. Too busy

8. What clothes are you most comfortable going out in?

  1. A nice dress and heels
  2. Depends on my mood
  3. A skirt or sundress
  4. Jeans and a t-shirt
  5. Slacks and a blouse

9. How would you describe your wardrobe?

  1. Mostly dark colors
  2. Everything has patterns!
  3. Pretty colorful
  4. Some patterns but mostly subtle colors
  5. Mostly neutral colors

So, Which Wedding Bouquet Are You?

Now that you’ve taken the quiz, tally up your answers and take whichever letter choice (a, b, c, d, or e) that you got most of, and match it to the associating bouquet outcome to find out which wedding bouquet you are!

A. Cascading Orchid Bouquet

The ‘Cascading Orchid Bouquet’ is the most elegant of the wedding bouquet styles. With its waterfall-esque design and natural charm, it puts a dramatic twist on a simple and classical arrangement. Although the flowers themselves may seem delicate and simple, the bouquet as a whole is an overall eye catcher. Its aesthetic proudly shows class, but with no hesitation for some overflowing and unpredictable excitement.

B. Wildflower Garden Bouquet

The ‘Wildflower Garden Bouquet’ is the most rebellious of the wedding bouquet styles. The mixture of color among the variety of flowers perfectly showcases a bold attitude. This arrangement will catch anyone’s attention from a distance, and well suites a free-spirited and adventurous soul who doesn’t care to be tethered to the rest of the world’s routine cycle. Its vibrant aesthetic has an outgoing personality in itself!

C. Tropical Paradise Bouquet

The ‘Tropical Paradise Bouquet’ is the most luxurious of the wedding bouquet styles. Even with its eye-catching burst of color, it contains a whimsical aesthetic, perfectly suite for someone eager to be near the water with their toes in the sand. This bright arrangement radiates joy and relates to the brighter times in life. Why can’t everything be “on island time” right?

D. Subtle Succulent Bouquet

The ‘Subtle Succulent Bouquet’ is the quaintest of the wedding bouquet styles. With its down to earth tones complimented by a cheerful burst of color, it well suites a sweet and reserved soul with the perfect pop of “umph” to catch some attention. Its well-balanced aesthetic relates to someone who likes to have personal creativity intertwined in their daily routine. This arrangement speaks contentment and beauty in subtle simplicity.

E. Classic Rose Bouquet

The ‘Classic Rose Bouquet’ is the most traditional of the wedding bouquet styles. With a simple color scheme, it subtly accents with class. It well suites someone who appreciates order, but also finds satisfaction in the big picture, rather than spending time sweating the small stuff. Without begging for attention, the delicacy of this style can’t help but be naturally charming and well rounded.