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Honoring Our Loved Ones . . . Creatively


Losing someone close to us is never easy, but honoring our loved ones after they pass is a comforting way to keep them alive in spirit. Whether it’s soon after a death or years down the road, we can still celebrate the people most important to us. Some people may need ideas for an alternative to visiting a tombstone, and others may need some ideas for things to do with cremation ashes. Whatever the case, we’ve got it covered.

For the people with an artistic edge, finishing a project that a deceased loved one started can make for a nice sentimental connection. For those that don’t have the opportunity to do this, you could paint rocks in their honor and leaving them in a special place you shared. With cremation ashes, mixing some of them with paint or clay to become a part of art has become popular as well.

Since not everyone has that creative desire but still may seek a sentimental item, people often get a small portion of ashes put into a piece of jewelry and/or have the necklace, ring, or whatever it may be, engraved in the person’s handwriting. It’s also common to get a tattoo in remembrance of a lost loved one, and a handful of places even provide a process to include a small amount of ashes into the tattoo ink.

Physical alternatives to jewelry or ‘ink’ can be having ashes put into a stuffed animal, or having their clothes made into a pillow, blanket, or teddy bear. Music lovers may consider having ashes pressed into playable vinyl records.

A traditional ground burial is often chosen to serve as a place to visit, but adopting a park, bench, landmark, or part of highway can also allow as a special spot in loving memory of someone. For those that get cremated, there are now biodegradable urns incorporated with a seed inside, which grows into a tree acting as a living tribute that continues to grow.

For an exciting cremation ashes ceremony, there are companies that offer putting them into fireworks or a cannon, revealing them from a plane, or you can always hold a ceremony releasing them into the waves of the ocean. Whatever most resonates with the person being honored, the special connection is inevitable.