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Shining a Light on Keepsake Lanterns

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Keepsake Floral’s lanterns are one of the most unique of our keepsake display options.  Just any ol’ lantern won’t work for a keepsake, you know.  A standard issue lantern that any of us can find online or in a home décor store doesn’t have enough keepsake-necessary features to be used to display our clients’ special preserved flowers.  This is most likely why other preservation companies (as if there were any other than Keepsake Floral!) don’t offer these products.

All of the lanterns that we utilize for our keepsakes were once standard designer lanterns, but have been modified in several ways to ensure that they will work well for the airtight and humidity-free display of preserved flowers.  Sometimes that modification is the removal of the floor of the lantern to ensure that clients can always open the lantern for cleaning over time.  Sometimes it includes adding a panel of acrylic or glass to completely close off the lantern from humidity and dust, and with come lanterns, we must seal every edge to ensure a humidity-free environment within the piece.

Keepsake Floral also must utilize a lantern design whose measurements provide enough working room for our designers to secure the mechanics needed to keep flowers in place and enough space to allow for different types of flowers to be displayed safely and beautifully without having to modify the flowers significantly.

lantern with preserved flowers

Lanterns provide a keepsake with the opportunity for light to enter and highlight these beautiful flowers from all sides.  These keepsakes are viewable from all sides .. what a great design for displaying keepsakes on a table or shelf.  They make a beautiful dining table centerpiece or foyer table accessory .. how cool to display your wedding flowers for all to see when they visit your home!

Keepsake Floral offers three different lantern designs, but is always searching for others that will meet our design and structural standards.  We have commissioned lanterns to be created by artisans in the past but these have become cost-prohibitive since the pandemic brought our industry such large increases in manufacturing and production costs.  The modification of existing designer lanterns seems to work beautifully for our needs, thanks to a skilled woodworker on staff who works with our design studio to ensure product integrity and design aesthetic are achieved with each lantern offering.