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Notes from the Design Studio: Fall Flowers – Rich, Yet Mellow


The beauty of the fall flower color palette is multiplied when these flowers are preserved. Multiplied in many ways…because the flowers will be able to be enjoyed for decades, because the hue of the flowers deepens during preservation and also because of the beautiful keepsake design choices made by clients to highlight and compliment these beautiful colors.

The rich oranges and rusts preserve naturally with significant brilliance in these Keepsake-preserved flowers.  But their richness is further magnified by the painstaking, artistic color enhancing of these blooms. Orange callas and variegated roses are carefully highlighted with careful air-brushing and tedious painting of flowers prior to their use within the Keepsake Floral keepsakes. Maintaining the integrity of these flowers’ colors is important in creating a beautiful completed floral design piece that will stand the test of time.

The shadowboxes pictured here compliment the golden, rust and orange tones of the flowers by framing the keepsakes in gold, weathered wood or a beautiful rich brown cherry frame. Orange and yellow roses, rich burgundy ginger and even delicate hints of pink and blush all work together in these beautiful keepsakes to create a richness that can be either bold or mellow, depending on the personality of the bouquet or the framing and interior lining elements utilized in the keepsakes. Each of these designs shows the richness of these fall colors, while also allowing for clients’ personal preferences to shine through. With the nearly limitless shadowbox moulding options and myriad of interior background selections, soothing and warm flowers are displayed for decades of beauty.

We love working with autumn flowers in the Keepsake Design Studio! Their color, personalities and heartiness make a beautiful keepsake even more fun to design and a joy to admire upon its completion!