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Hold the Memories…The Keepsake Tavolino!


Hold the memories and hold your treasures, tea or a charcuterie spread!  The Keepsake Floral Tavolino is a resin-poured block with the client’s special flowers preserved, color-enhanced (for color longevity) and designed within the resin block. 

Our Keepsake tavolino (Italian for “tray”) provides a beautiful, yet functional keepsake for the display of your special flowers.  Use it for breakfast in bed or to serve drinks and appetizers.  Many of our clients display their tavolino keepsakes standing on end, enabling the light to pass from front to back and enabling the flowers to be enjoyed from a forward-facing perspective.  But many utilize their floral tray to provide a personalized and romantic garden-inspired serving vessel.

Our Keepsake tavolinos are available in two sizes … our grande measuring approximately 11 x 14 or our classic size, measuring 8 x 12.  With either size, clients will choose from gold-toned or nickel-toned side handles for easy movement. 

Keeping the trays beautiful for years requires them not to be exposed or displayed in direct sunlight or UV-based lighting.  They can be washed in warm water with gentle dish soap and polished with a soft cloth over time.

The Keepsake Tavolino is a beautiful way to hold onto special flower memories and to “hold” special and functional items at the same time.  Love, love the tavolino!