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Flower Preservation in Pink…Pretty in Pink


pink flower bouquet preserved Floral keepsakes with pink flowers? Pretty please! Whether soft and feminine or bold and bright, pinks are beautiful in flower preservation. Lighter pinks (like some rose varieties as well as flowers like larkspur and sometimes tulips) will become lighter during preservation. Brighter pinks (think peonies, brighter toned roses, lilies, orchids) show off more of a purple tone upon preservation. These flowers require a bit more work in our paining process to tone down the blue value of the purple and brighten up the pink. But Keepsake Floral’s design team can handle that.

pink flowers preserved in shadow box

As much as we’d like to think that pinks are passe, they. Are. Not! We see a large number of arrangements and bouquets featuring this fabulous color .. and year round, really. Although spring and summer bring us the most of this color’s use.

We do love seeing some of the pink blended with darker tones to create a dramatic and modern look, like we see in the photo here of our tabletop dome. Blending beautifully with rose gold and copper accents, the multi-toned versions of these blooms invoke a soft blended palette.

pink flower preservation

The most important thing about pinks in any keepsake is keeping them looking natural and keeping them shaped naturally as well. Keepsake Floral’s preservationists and designers are experts in all of the above, making those pinks more than pretty every single time!