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Airbrushing is a Keepsake Floral Design Requirement that Sets Us Apart


Keepsake Floral pioneered the floral preservation industry decades ago when we began hand-painting each preserved flower prior to design. And somewhere in those decades, we began air-brushing each flower in addition to basic hand-coloring, in order to achieve the most natural and tonally-accurate results in the final flower color. Yeah, it takes more time to do it this way, but it achieves a much higher quality end product for our clients.

In nature, the coloring of most flowers is not a single flat color. Even a solid colored flower possesses tonal differences from one area of a petal to another. During the flower dehydration process, some of these subtle differences get lost, and certainly some of the lulminescense of flowers and the shade variations also flatten. Airbrushing provides a controlled, yet detailed, method of replacing these qualities to each bloom, enabling our artists to produce a very natural look to preserved flowers using the fine detail that only an airbrush can deliver to achieve these magical results. And only someone who is very experienced in this kind of technique can achieve natural-looking results.

Keepsake Floral’s Airbrush Artist

Our airbrush artist has been wielding her tiny electric machine for decades prior to utilizing her expertise at Keepsake. Lori is her name and she’s a professionally trained fine artist with a studio production (as in the creation of the sets for PeeWee’s Playhouse back in the day) background as well as a current side-hustle as a commissioned artwork creator in the central Florida Arts community.

Lori spends nearly an hour adding airbrush detail to each keepsake prior to it being moved into a final quality check phase and then onto our framing department.  She utilizes photography of the flowers upon their arrival at Keepsake as well as day-of photography sent to us by each client, with the goal of enhancing the preserved flower enough to help create color balance and depth within each bloom. And it produces a gorgeous result!


Wielding an airbrush properly takes a lot of training and expertise. Not just anyone can command an airbrush with aesthetically accurate and pleasing results.  And, of course, we get just ONE CHANCE to ensure that the color application with the airbrush is done right.

This one particular detailed step of our keepsake creation process is so very important and so very necessary in order to put a KEEPSAKE FLORAL specific stamp on each keepsake. Not many (if any, actually) floral preservationists add this step due to its requirement of such particular expertise and the amount of time it takes to perform. However, it is an important part of the Keepsake Floral process and Keepsake Floral commitment to ensuring our clients’ flowers and memories are preserved in the most beautiful and realistic way possible.