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Funeral Director Program at Keepsake Floral

By preserving the actual flowers used in the funeral or memorial service, Keepsake Floral helps you extend the services that you offer to your families and rewards you with a Referral Commission just for directing your client to us.

The Keepsake Floral Referral Program:

We ensure that our service is seamless and simple for you and your clients. To that end,  most funeral directors simply pass along our brochure or web address and the deceased’s family contacts us directly. Then we work directly with the family…and your involvement is complete.

We’ll walk the family through overnighting the flowers to us and they’ll place their deposit with us directly.  We’ll work with them in selecting their keepsake specifics and arranging balance payment. Then upon its completion, we’ll ship the keepsake directly to the family.

Additional Wholesale Options: For Funeral Directors who want to be directly involved in the ordering process, we do offer a turnkey wholesale program, offering a select collection of keepsake options that you sell directly to your families and upcharge as you require. Contact us here and we’ll get in touch with you with more details and a program tailored to your needs.

Keepsake Floral in the Industry... A Quick History:

Keepsake Floral has been preserving Funeral and Wedding flowers for more than 26 years and leading the country in the industry for the entire time. Our business model has been built on a business to business model of rewarding referring industry professionals with commissions for simply referring a client to us to preserve special flowers.

Keepsake Floral is owned and managed by its original principal, Dana Adkinson, who maintains a very hands-on approach to running the business.

A nationwide service company, Keepsake Floral preforms all work from order receipt and preservation to final keepsake shipment from its single frame and design studio location.

Keepsake Floral is the industry leader in third-party and direct floral preservation , partnering with funeral, floral and wedding professionals nationwide to preserve clients’ special flowers through our Preservation Partnership Programs. Learn more about Keepsake Floral here.

To receive information about our Funeral Director Program, please fill out the following information. Complete each item below and click on ‘submit’ to send the information to Keepsake Floral. We will then send you complete details about offering our service through your funeral home or company.