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trick-out your shadowbox

Matboard & Fillet Inlays Options

Matboard inlay really helps enhance your keepsake by creating an additional visual border of color or tone, in addition to the border of your frame style. Absolutely optional, these can only be used for shadowboxes. Usually, the matboard inlay provides a 2-inch border around the keepsake layout within the frame. The use of a matboard inlay will require your keepsake to be sized larger than it would without it. You may choose one or two mat colors – one for the outer mat and one for the inlay. Or choose from one of these moulding fillet inlays to compliment the framestyle you have chosen. The moulding fillet inlays are like narrow little mini frames that get tucked right inside the matboard opening.

Fillet Inlays

Matboard Inlays